Camgirl Manual

Learn to be a camgirl from the book by a camgirl pro.


About Jasmine Jade

Jasmine Jade has been in the adult industry and camming since 1999. She has been featured on DVDs, appeared on many websites, magazines and also TV. There are not many performers who have been successfully camming longer than Jasmine. She performs on multiple sites, including Cam4 as their longest running Super Show (for over 5 years, continuously drawing top-ranked audiences). She is still active in the adult industry performing on DVD's, hosting workshops, appearing at conventions and more. She is also the Headmistress running Toronto's busiest dungeon and is known well in many communities.

All of the content in Camgirl Manual was written by Jasmine to help give camgirls a better and quicker start. Camming is more competitive than ever and there is more information out there than ever. This can be overwhelming for someone looking to get started. The information in this book was assembled so that camgirls can have easy access to the right information early in their pursuit of knowledge.

"I wrote this book to help new girls that don't have time to search through mountains of information just so they can begin. This book was not meant to replace other research but is meant as a headstart for camgirls so they can get up to speed faster with the information in one place."

After reading Camgirl Manual you will be ready faster and do better right from the start.

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The Camgirl Manual Table of Contents



Camming Types
Free Cam
Paid Cam
Member Cam
Custom Cam

Studio or Independent?
Cam Studios
Online Only
Physical Location
Independent Camming
Finding your Niche

Webcam Sites
Before Signing Up
When You’re Signing Up


What To Charge

How Much Money Will You Make?

Social Media
Twitter for Camgirls
Facebook for Camgirls
Tumblr for Camgirls
Other Social Media for Camgirls
QR Codes for Camgirls

Measuring Your Success

Your Equipment
Desktop or Laptop

Your Camming Space
About Cameras
About Lighting
Cam Rooms
No windows
One big window
One small window
Multiple windows
Camera Angles

Makeup and Hygiene

Before Your Show
What to do before going on cam
What to have on hand
Show Ideas
Role-playing ideas
The Goal Show

Getting “Wet”
“Faking It”
Food & Drink

Before Ending Your Show

After Your Show

Extra Income Ideas

Additional Advice

Summing it up

Preshow Checklist

Promo Checklist

Melody Kush
MrsCountry a.k.a. "Blue"
Morgan Lane

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